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I'm in Women of the Underground: Art

... Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves - Interviews by Zora von Burden 2012

I'm one of the many artists interviewed in this book, under my prior name Kaia Selene, speaking about earlier years more focussed on performance art and Butoh dance. This book is published by Manic D Press and is available on

"After enduring the great injustice of being denied the freedom that self-expression brings through art for the joy of the human spirit, Women of the Underground: Art celebrates those female cultural innovators who are creating new artwork that pushes boundaries, dares to question, and redefines the genres of mixed media; theater; film; photography; and visual, conceptual, and performance art.

In this groundbreaking anthology that will inspire artists and everyone interested in alternatives to mainstream culture, as well as serve as a reference book for art historians, twenty-six female artists describe their ideas, beginnings, influences, and creative techniques.

Contains interviews with Lady Pink, Marina Abramovic, Orlan, Aleksandra Mir, Penny Arcade, Johanna Went, the Guerrilla Girls, and many others.

Editor Zora von Burden was born and raised in San Francisco, California. A frequent contributor to The San Francisco Herald, von Burden also wrote the screenplay for Geoff Cordner’s underground cult classic film, Hotel Hopscotch.

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