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Flow Art Space

Flow Art Space

Runs March 6- March 25

"What Its Inner Essence Is," will be part of the art exhibit "Salon" at Flow Art Space in St Paul. The reception is Friday March 6th from 6-9 pm. Flow is located at 308 Prince Street, Suite 226 St. Paul, MN 55101. Check out their website for more infomation at:

"FLOW ART SPACE exhibits visual art that intends to create a visceral reaction, causing viewers to remember, question, dream, or analyze. The idea is for emotions and ideas to converge, creating a path for conversations and connections.

Professional exhibitions comprised of local and national artists are presented to potential buyers and art community professionals. Juried shows include emerging and established artists. Buyers, curators, gallerists, interior designers, and colleagues are invited and often attend lively receptions... Visit us in the Northern Warehouse in the Lowertown neighborhood in downtown St Paul, Minnesota. Hundreds of Twin Cities artists and numerous galleries make their home in this part of the city."

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